This page contains a collection of the weird and wonderful stuff I’ve worked on in the past. Some of the projects are still a work in progress. Unfortunately, many of them are likely never going to see the light of day, since I have a habit of starting a project early Saturday morning and then quickly abandoning it by Sunday evening. They’re all under the MIT license except where specifically stated, so if you want to pick any of them up, feel free!


Link GitHub: This is yet another Lorem Ipsum generator, except with Friends quotes instead of fake latin. Now featuring Rick & Mortey, and Scrubs quotes.

Lord of the Rings Timer

Link GitHub: Ever wanted to know how many times you can watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy within a given number of minutes? Me neither. Anyway here’s an app that doesn’t work properly. Enjoy.


Link GitHub: This was one of the first blockchain apps I ever created. It’s not an app actually, more of just a website that reads an array from the blockchain and tells you what the special offer is at Wide Open on Spadina, in Toronto.