The Lord of the Rings


Muster the Rohirrim

So it's pretty simple...

Say you've got a flight from England to Australia coming up, and you wanna know how many time you can watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy in that time. Well, this timer lets you know how far through you'll get, what scene you'll get up to, and how many times through you'll be able to watch the whole trilogy (if you get that far).

How much time do you have (in minutes):


But why?

Look right, I wanted to teach myself a bit of JS about 4 years ago. This seemed like a solid idea at the time, but I quickly learned that JS is stupid and I hate it. Mainly because I can't declare variables with a dollar sign. I mean honestly, what's the point.

There's a few things I wanna add to this. Like, if you were heading on a road trip and you wanted to know how many times you could watch the triology in that time? You could just map out the route and then it'd tell you? That'd be pretty cool. Also maybe have the Frodo and Sam thing work one day, that'd be fun. And you know what, having some curl function would be pretty sweet. Like, lotr-timer-as-a-service? Clearly what this industry needs.

Anyway, all the code's on GitHub. So feel free to pick it appart or whatever. I'm off to complain about The Hobbit trilogy.